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Reducing Our Ecological Footprint One Student at a Time

The SCLC takes its role seriously when it comes to ecological conservation. In addition to following a routine recycling and compost system, our volunteers and staff are excited that the SCLC gardens are starting to bloom and soon we will be able to enjoy the fresh produce grown organically at the Center. As well as the majority of the lighting used at the SCLC is energy-efficient, and we are all eco-conscious of our actions 24/7. The SCLC also uses Florex products for all its cleaning needs which are environmentally-friendly cleaning products that are concentrated so that they last longer, the company re-uses the containers to refill after each time, and are produced locally in Costa Rica.

The global vision for our environmental education programs is to provide both students and adults with the necessary education and training to make decisions and take actions that will benefit their surrounding environment.  Our challenge is to develop an environmental ethic in local people as to diminish their impact on the environment. By helping local people understand the links between wildlife, habitat, pollution, and health, we can help communities be more ecologically sustainable. Additionally, an objective with this program is to not only teach EE but also life skills such as leadership, decision making, organizing, and public speaking as to enable students to become the environmental leaders of the future.

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