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Sponsor a Project or a Program

Help support the SCLC by sponsoring a Project or a Program. We have many more needs and ideas than our funding allows us to accomplish. You can support one of our projects or programs directly. Browse through the list and decide where you, your family, school, or institution would like to have an impact.

Biological Corridor Display

The SCLC houses the office for the corridor and our mission is to inform the community and the public about the Corridor, its importance and function for sustainability in Sarapiquí. Through discussion and awareness, we hope to build support for the Corridor. We need help to create a better display of the Corridor for visitors in Spanish and English.

COST: $750.00

See the details for what is needed

Air Conditioning Unit

The SCLC is responsible for all the maintenance and upkeep of the Center inside the building, while Selva Verde Lodge and Private Reserve maintains the exterior. The Library and Offices must remain a certain temperature and humidity in order to preserve books, electronic equipment and more. We currently need to replace 2 Units.

COST: $500.00 


Mobil Library

Funding our Mobil Library program is a great way bring the huge benefits of literacy building and enhancement into our region. Reading is the gateway to learning, self-development, and empowerment and sustainability. Building literary skills is part of our core mission and many community members do not live close to the Center and find it difficult to visit our facilities. For that reason, we bring the Library to the community. In this program, the Center with work with a particular community for five months, bringing books and offering reading and fun activities centered on books and stories. Each participating family is offered a book of their own at the conclusion of the 5 month program and they are invited to the Center for a festivity and orientation to the Library.

COST: $500 per community

Music Education Instructor

Thanks to efforts of Francine Broughton, Sue Rice, and others, the Learning Center has a large number of Ukuleles that were donated and has been able to offer annual workshops at the Center and in the community. The SCLC would like to offer regular classes to youth in the community interested in learning to play and enjoy the Ukelele. For this to happen the Center needs funding to pay a local instructor. Courses could be 6 weeks long with the class meeting once per week. The Center would like to offer the courses 3 times per year.



School Supply Kit

The Center helps school kids in the area by donating school supplies just before the beginning of the school year in January. School packages include notebooks, paper, pens and pencils, markers, crayons, and more. This is a much needed support for many needy families in Sarapiquí; each year we give away approximately 100 school packages.