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General Supply Wish List

While financial contributions are always welcome and important to the SCLC’s operations, some individuals, groups, and organizations choose to donate physical supplies. Please contact us if you plan to bring something that is not on the list. Items in bold type are a high priority.

Thank you for supporting the Sarapiquí Conservation Learning Center!

Educational and Art Supplies

-Single subject spiral notebooks

-Children’s paint books

-White board dry erase and  markers

-Tempura paint

-Oil pastels

-Folders w/ pockets



-Colored pencils

-Basic Spanish/English dictionaries

-Basic Spanish/French dictionaries


-Small pencil sharpeners

-Elmer's glue and glue sticks

-Scotch tape

-Beads (for jewelry-making)

-Air-drying clay

-Construction paper

-Board games, e.g., Scattegories in Spanish

-Musical instruments

-White boards

-Pens (blue, black, red and other colors).



-Calculators (larger size preferred)

-Any and all art supplies are VERY welcome!!!

Environmental Education Supplies

-National Geographic Subscription (Spanish)

-Birds of Costa Rica (Spanish)

-A Guide to Tropical Plants of Costa Rica

-Children’s books on rainforest and ecology (English and Spanish)

-Hand loupes


-Hand pruners for gardening

-Head for pole pruner

-Large trash bags (for collecting trash & recyclables)

-Fiction, non-fiction, and reference books in Spanish

-The Green Republic: A Conservation History of Costa Rica, by Sterling Evans (English)

-Any guides to Costa Rica wildlife in Spanish

General Office and Computing Supplies

-Printer ink for EPSON L396 664 (black and colors)

-Printer ink for EPSON L3150 544 (black and colors)

-Desktops or laptops 

-Paper cutter

-Legal pads

-Recycled printer paper

-Color printer paper

-Scotch tape

-Pens and pencils

-Contact paper (for laminating)

-Typing tutor software and educational games (Spanish)

-Memory stick/USB drives



-Compact printer

-Telephones (cordless or otherwise)

-Headphones with microphone (for use on computers)

-Projector screen

-Energy saver light bulbs

-Compact digital camera

-Compact video camera

-Calculators (larger size preferred)

-Clear masking tape/shipping tape

-Overhead projector

-Mouses (w/USB plugs)

-Keyboard (w/USB plugs)

-Windows 7 operating system

Supplies for Tourism Activities

-Small cutting boards

-Small plates (dessert size)

-Dish towels

-Large kitchen knives, stainless steel

-Large tupperware containers

-Kitchen size tupperware

-Forester’s tape (to mark new reforested trees)


-Waterproof gardening gloves

-Spade or drain shovels (to make small holes to plant new trees)

-Paint brushes

-Paint rollers sponges

-Paint trays

Donations for the Community

-Children’s toys and educational games (for distribution to needy families for Christmas)

-Used children’s and adult´s clothes, in good condition (infant sizes and up)

-Adult diapers (for the local retirement home)

-Sanitary towels




-Diapers for children

-Used children´s and adult´s shoes.

-Nonperishable food

-Sports equipment

-Soccer balls

-Basket balls

.Volley balls

-Bike locks