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The Association will have the following categories of members: a) Founding: These are the members that attended the Constitutional Assembly and were recorded in the Organizational Charter; b) Active: These will be members who join after the Constitutional Assembly and in full enjoyment of their rights; c) Honorary: These will be members who have special attributes or benefits that they can offer the Association or the community and are so nominated by the General Assembly; d) Affiliates: All persons that voluntary donate money for the realization of the Association’s purposes and activities as described in Articles 3 and 4. Honorary and Affiliate members will have the right to voice in the General Assembly and are not necessary to make quorum. Founding and active members that enjoy full use of their rights will have voice and vote in the General Assembly. All members will receive communication and written materials and will be able to participate in activities organized by the Association.

The Association will observe the following rules and indispensable requisites for the affiliation of active members: a) the interested party must present a written membership request to the Board of Directors, with written recommendation from two currently active members; b) approval is by no less than simple majority vote by the Board of Directors and must be communicated to the members of the General Assembly; c) the Board of Directors reserves the right to accept or reject membership requests; acceptance is by simple majority. The Board of Directors has a period of 30 days after receiving an active membership request to communicate its decision to the requesting party; d) the interested party has 30 days after receiving the Board’s decision to appeal said decision before the General Assembly; e) the Board of Directors will define via statutes the procedures for becoming a member of the Association.

Members will cease to belong to the Association for the following reasons: First: death; Second: voluntary renunciation communicated in writing to the Board of Directors and prior cancellation of outstanding obligations if applicable; Third: by expulsion as agreed upon by 2/3 of the votes present at a Board of Directors meeting and ratified by the General Assembly, which will be convened immediately according to the present statute and by reason of any of the following motives as indicated here: a) immoral conduct that compromises the good name of the Association or for conducting activities contrary to the stability of and harmony among the members; b) when a member acts in name of the Association without being authorized to do so; c) unlawful use of the physical and economic assets of the Association; d) absence from 2 consecutive General Assemblies; e) failure to pay at least one quota, if it is decided to establish member quotas. Defense procedures in case of a member expulsion: Prior to disaffiliation of a member, the Association’s statutory examiner will communicate in writing to the member in question the reasons for his or her expulsion, so that the member may prepare a defense within 8 days of notification. At the end of this period, and at the Board of Directors session that was convened in the written communication to the member in question, the case will be heard. The accused member may be present and can present evidence before the Board of Directors and may argue his or her case, being that the Board of Directors will decide in the affirmative or the negative regarding the expulsion of the member.

Members will have the following rights: a) elect and be elected to Board positions and that of statutory examiner of the Association; b) participate in the educational, cultural, social, and training activities organized by the Association; c) participate personally or by delegate with voice and vote in the General Assemblies; denounce to the Association’s statutory examiner any irregularities noted in the functions of the Board of Directors or by other members of the Association; present motions and suggestions at the General Assemblies.

The following are the duties of the members: a) act in accordance with the Law of Associations and its amendments, the statutes and regulations of the Association, and the directives and accords issued by its bodies; b) attend convened meetings; c) cooperate in the protection of goods and the proper development of the Association; d) support the Association’s effort in pursuit of its aims.

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