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Volunteer Applicants for January 2011

We need You!!!  It is time to hire a new round of qualified volunteers for our upcoming January semester!!  The SCLC depends on it long-term volunteers to run many of its most crucial programs.  Some of positions we are looking to fill are:  After School Programs Coordinator, Environmental Educator, ESL teachers, Scholarship Program Coordinator and an Ecotourism volunteer.  The volunteers must be highly skilled, willing to work full-time, and be responsible for coordinating their program. Volunteers generally work independently but also receive support from the administration and other volunteers. Because they primarily work with the local community, all volunteers should have at least an intermediate level of Spanish. All volunteers with a minimum commitment of six months will be provided with free room and board with a local homestay family, plus a bicycle and Internet access.

We accept short-term volunteers as well and are looking for experienced individuals interested incoming to help plan and host this January’s ‘Summer Camp’ extravaganza!!.  If you are interested or have any questions please email or check out the VOLUNTEER section of our webpage.

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