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CECOS Forma Parte de las 45 Empresas a Nivel Nacional con Sello Tourcert

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Community Rural Tourism, Conservation

In September of 2018 Sarapiqui became the first county in Costa Rica to be accredited as a sustainable tourist destination in all of Central America and the Caribbean. This came after a complex evaluation of sustainbility with the plan to continue improving in this area according to specific criteria, such as the international rules developed by Tourcert.

 The Tourcert stamp means that Sarapiquí is guiding the tourism sector towards the future whilst also making visitors more conscious. In that sense, visitors not only enjoy their holidays but also contribute to protecting and conserving the natural envioroment.

 The Tourcert stamp is internationally reconized and shows that this county equally values sustainability, high-quality services and social and corporate responsability. This stamp is a proud reminder that the people of Sarapiquí are continuing to work for and protect the natural envioroment.


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