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CEAS (Environmental Education Commission of Sarapiquí)

The Learning Center is part of the Environmental Education Commission of Sarapiquí (CEAS), a local alliance of organizations whose mission is to work with local communities and institutions to support  best practices in environmental education in our area and to support a good use of our natural resources.  Through participation in their strategic planning, as well as events and fairs, the Learning Center is involved in CEAS.   The member organizations are:

  • ICE (Instituto Costarricense de Electriciadad)
  • UNED (Universidad a Distancia)
  • ASADA (Instituto Costarricense de Acueductos y Alcantarillados) - Horquetas
  • Reserva Tirimbina
  • Ministerio de Salud
  • Ministerio de Educacíon Publica
  • ASADA Pablo Plesbere