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Bird Club has Fresh New Energy

The SCLC has always put a lot of emphasis on bird education with the local youth. We are able to re-vitalize our Bird Club Program with the arrival of Marcela Valdivia, a volunteer from Perú who has done significant field work in the Rain Forest of Bolivia. As a biologist and avid bird lover she has extensive knowledge of birds from all over the world. Every Saturday the Bird Club meets to raise interest and improve their bird identification skills. After birding the students return to the center to write letters to our Pen Pals at the Mulberry Elementary School in Kingston, Ontario where we have initiated a letter writing and art exchange program where students will share about the birds they see in their daily lives, including migratory species.

In the Bird Club we will be implementing the Bird Sleuth Project created by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. We will be using the curriculum from this project to add a new dimension to birding which make it fun and interesting for the students.  Information about the project is now online on the Bird Sleuth website:

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