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Special Thanks

The Sarapiquí Conservation Learning Center is greatly appreciative of all the support it receives from our various donors. It is through the help of the dorors that we can run the center effectively and smoothly. Without them, we could not provide Sarapiquí with the assistence they deserve and need.

We would like to give a special thanks to all the Scholarship donors who recently donated $325 for their student's 2010 school year. Due to the low income and relatively high living costs in Sarapiquí, many families find it extremely difficult to afford school supplies for their children. With the scholarship, these families have one less expense to worry about and one more reason to keep their children in school. Currently we are in the middle of planning the community service projects the younger scholarship students will be doing and finding local internships for the older students. So thank you again donors, the students are all very grateful and proud to be such an important part of the SCLC. If anyone is interested in becoming a donor, please take a look at our ´Be a Scholarship Donor´ section of the website to find out more!

We would also like to give a big thanks to all the people who have donated to the ´Paquetes Escolares´ (Education Packet) campaign we have. For just $10 a child will receive 5 notebooks, 5 pencils, a gluestick, a ruler, scissors, a package of colored pencils and a toothbrush! With the great response from donors we were able to donate 200 packets to students in February for a fresh start to their school year. The smiles from the children's faces after receiving the packets are priceless. The campaign will be held year round because students are always in need for more materials. Thank you to those who have participated!

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